Nashville Cast - Shotgun - Christina Aguilera - Jade Mya Cover | Official Video
Published on 19 Nov 2015

From the hit show Nashville on ABC Jade Mya releases official video for her live performance of Shotgun at Nobel Studios, Toronto, Canada with guitarist Ben Pelchat and music producer Douglas Romanow

This video was shot with the Panasonic GH4 and the Sony A7s. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and the titles were created with Adobe After Effects.

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When did you know
You’re heart is mine
You told the tale
So many times
There’s nothing better
We’ve got to do
With all these miles to get to where we’re going to

It’s hard road honey
And there ain’t nobody I’d rather be next to
It’s a rough ride baby but we’re gonna make it together
Me and you
When you’re tired, I’ll grab the wheel
And you take over when I’m done
Love is taking turns
Riding shotgun

When did you know
Tell me again
My heart was yours
When you walked in
You made a vow
To hold it deep
And you kept your promise to me all these years

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