The Laundry Shop  ‘Overhead’  {Official Music Video}

The Laundry Shop
{Official Music Video}

Well here it is folks, our latest music video. This one’s for the rising stars (see what I did there?) The Laundry Shop and their new single ‘Overhead’.

Let me tell you, this was one fun shoot. The guys and gal in the band; Steve, Tanya and Jeff, are a total howl. Excellent bunch to work with and real pros. And wow, what a beautiful venue to work in eh? We honestly felt privileged to have the opportunity. If every shoot was like this one, we’d never ‘work a day in our lives’ as the saying goes.

Makeup was by the talented and exceptional Sara Tonin from CosmAddict. Check out her other work on Facebook, really Avant Garde and exciting stuff she’s doing.

Check it out and remember to Like, Follow & generally Share the Cr@ap out of it! This is a band that will go far.