Promotional Music Video‘Top Of The Popz’ 2016

Promotional Music Video
‘Top Of The Popz’ 2016

Top Of The Popz 2016 Promotional Music Video

We were excited to work with Top Of The Popz yet again on a follow up to their 2015 Promotional Music Video. The band have been working hard over the last few months building their brand and booking out their calendar and were eager to build their video portfolio.

This time around they secured the amazing Kilronan Castle in County Roscommon for the video shoot. They kindly let us have the run of the huge ballroom down there which is a fantastic venue. The venue really stands out in the video and the lighting provides an evocative backdrop to the band’s sounds. Top of The Popz cover a lot of styles and genres, but we’ve been most impressed with their rock, pop and electronica offerings.

Gear and lighting was once again provided by Film Equipment Hire Ireland, who always have the latest gear and always look after us.

It’s safe to say these guys are going from strength to strength and are fast becoming one of Ireland’s most in demand party bands. You can catch them at one of  their regular showcase gigs around the country. We’re looking forward to the chance to work with them again next year.

Top Of The Popz:

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‘Top Of The Popz’  Party Band  {Promotional Video}

‘Top Of The Popz’
Party Band
{Promotional Video}

Yet more great options for those seeking wedding or party bands in Ireland, our latest video for ‘Top Of The Popz’ – one of Ireland’s most exciting Party Bands.

This was a great shoot which took place in Kildare in December. The band are talented, professional and full of enthusiasm.

For the shoot we rolled out the Movi M10 from yet again, this time running the Sony A7s supplied by Film Equipment Hire, who also provided our lighting and lenses. As with our last few shoots, once everything was set up we were able to work through the various shots and takes quite quickly. We find this helps keep the energy up for the band and the crew.

Big thanks to Cathal Molloy for providing playback during the shoot, as well as keeping a shot log for us – on top of organising the venue etc! A true gent.

We’re looking forward to what 2015 has on the horizon, with plenty of exciting shoots already in the pipe.


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Lights, Lenses, Grip etc. – Film Equipment Hire

Top Of The Popz