Here’s the first video from our new collaboration with Gavin Ralston; ¬†WatsonACE’s ‘Runaway Train’.
We shot a couple of tracks and videos with the band out in the Meadow Studios; a remote secret location somewhere in Wicklow. I’ll post the rest as they get the thumbs up from the band.
I have to say we all really enjoyed the day, great crew, great studio, and most of all an electrifying act to shoot. WatsonACE, fronted by the renowned Colm Lynch, are embarking an a huge upward curve in their career and it’s a privilege to be there to see it!

You can find out more about the band on their Facebook, or subscribe to their Youtube for all their upcoming videos.

The session was audio engineered by Gavin Ralston and Rian Trench.

This is the first series from the upcoming ‘Silverwood Sessions’ Project, a collaboration between Gavin Ralston and Silverwood Studios, and our good selves. More on this as it develops!