I’m proud to say our latest short film project ‘He Moved Through The Fair’ wrapped last Monday in Stradbally, Co. Laois. The 5 day shoot was a fantastic success overall, and the whole experience couldn’t have been better.

We’ve reviewed the footage from the week, and everything looks fabulous thanks to the combined efforts of the Cast, the Trench Entertainment crew, and of course the crew from Kerbute.

On Set with 'He Moved Through The Fair'

I have to say, from a personal perspective; the cast were very talented and an absolute joy to direct. We had 3 Laois actors on board; Thomas Byrne who plays the lead character ‘Mick’ and delivered incredible enthralling takes time and again, Kevin Lalor Fitspatrick who was fantastic as ‘Dan’, and Roxanne Byrne who stepped in late in the day to play ‘Roisin’ and did a fantastic job. Let us not forget the fabulous Jane Deasy who plays the ‘mysterious woman’ of the film, and gave a provocative and captivating performance every time; and newcomer Maureen Hanlon who really gave us something special in her first ever performance. I was blown away watching the rushes, and hopefully you will be too.

We were well and truly blessed to have such a strong cast on board, and a talented crew to back it all up. I can’t wait to get my teeth into the edit and finally put this story out there.

Keep an eye on the film’s blog at ThroughTheFair.com for future updates and a plethora of behind-the-scenes content.