We’ve added the brand new (hot off the factory floor) 4k shooting gem that is the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 to the Kerbute arsenal.

Well all I can say are good things about the GH4 – it is a well put together piece of kit. The image is impeccable; the punch-in focus assist is highly improved from the older Lumix models; the ergonomic body, kept from the GH3, is just right with all the buttons on one side so you can change settings easily; the screen is better and has the touch screen capabilities we saw before. The battery has lasted for a full shoot so far and we where very surprised with it. So far I would recommend it highly. Oh, and it does super sexy 96fps slo-mo.

I hear the speedboosters are a great addition, and one we will be looking at in the near future, as well as stretching our lens array.

Now we just need to fly this baby. 4k on a Móvi anyone?

GH4 - Product Packaging

Kerbute Have Gone 4k!