Guerilla Days In Ireland  {Promotional Video}

Guerilla Days In Ireland
{Promotional Video}

Here’s a promotional video we created for ‘Guerilla Days In Ireland’: a play that’s currently on tour around Ireland and getting some really positive feedback. It’s based on the book by Tom Barry, an account of his time with the IRA. It has been adapted for stage by Neil Pearson, who also directs.

We also worked on some visuals and video content for the play itself which was a little different from what we usually do, but turned out really well I’m happy to report! You’ll no doubt see posters advertising this around, or hear the radio ad that’s in circulation, but you should certainly go to see it. It’s a very powerful piece of theatre.


Kerbute Bring Their Media Skills to The Project Arts Center

Kerbute Bring Their Media Skills to The Project Arts Center

Well we’ve just come off the back of a very successful run of Martin Crimp’s ‘Attempts On Her Life’, presented by the UCD School of English Drama & Film, and directed by Neil Pearson.

The Play was written by Crimp in 1997 and is regarded by many as one of the high points of experimental theatre, of any theatre, written in the last quarter-century. Which is how Kerbute became involved. Neil wanted this incarnation of the play to have a strong media element, mixing live & pre-recorded imagery and we were very pleased to be asked to come aboard with the project.

I have to say, although this may have been a student play, there was certainly nothing amateur about it’s vision or its execution. The large cast delivered outstanding performances, and Neil really brought a dimension to the work that doesn’t exist in the script. There are some genuinely chilling moments mixed in with some sharp humor, altogether very entertaining and thought provoking.

The play ran from the 16th to the 19th. For full credits & info, check out the Projects Arts Center website here. I have to say, I enjoyed this project immensely. Choreographing the live & pre-recorded content was challenging and exciting, and I think the overall combination was stunning. Thanks to Luke Duggan from CTN for his dedication and skilled camera work. Credit to Lucy & Martin from Kerbute who made our contribution and outstanding success, with their mixing and days of prep work coming up to the gig.

Check back soon for some video highlights from the play, and see what we were getting up to!