Promotional Web VideoRock Against MS Los Angeles

Promotional Web Video
Rock Against MS Los Angeles

Promotional Web Video Rock Against MS Los Angeles

We had the privilege of being invited to the rehearsals for this years annual Rock Against MS in Los Angeles thanks to the Bass legend that is Tanya O Callaghan. And us being ourselves, we couldn’t help but get stuck in and do what we could to help; and what do we do best but make videos?

The Rock Against MS is a great cause, with the LA gigs being run by the indomitable Nancy B Sayle. This is it’s third year. It annually hosts some of the biggest names in Rock Music, and this year was no exception with Billy Sheehan, Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction all signed up. The gigs are intended to raise funds and awareness for the Rock Against MS foundation.

We got to hear all the acts rehearsing and putting together their tracks for next Thursday night down at SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals), one of LA’s most famous rehearsal spaces, and rental houses. All the musicians were signing some great merchandise which will be up for grabs on Thursday. Schecter Guitars donated two beautiful axes which you will see in the promotional video. and there’s tons of drum heads, guitar picks and so on.

What an experience getting to hang out with these legends. All in all we shot 12 little video snippets calling people to come and support the cause down at the Whiskey A Go Go. And rumours have it that there may be one other huge rock star showing up on the night, but I won’t breath a word. You’ll have to see for yourself on the night (EDIT: So Taylor Hawkins turned up and sang a David Bowie tune. Aaamaaazzinnng!!) .

Tickets are available from


Thom Moore – Live At Whelans on TG4

Thom Moore – Live At Whelans on TG4

Our very first full show for broadcast was aired last night on TG4; Thom Moore’s live 2013 performance from Whelans. The 52 minute special aired last night at 11:30 and is still available to watch on the TG4 player until next Friday 9th January 2015.

Thom Moore Live At Whelans

Thom Moore Live At Whelans

We really enjoyed working on the project, and are proud to be able to bring you a rare live performance from Thom, who hasn’t played very much over the last few years. Thom was accompanied by Gavin Ralston, Seamie O Dowd, Brian Connor, Robbie Harris and Aongus Ralston.

The gig itself was produced in partnership with Silverwood Music and we will no doubt have many more collaborations coming up in the future.

You can check out the replay via the TG4 player here: TG4 Player

Whelan’s Stage  Groove Festival 2013  {Promotional Video}

Whelan’s Stage
Groove Festival 2013
{Promotional Video}

This year hosted the first ever ‘Groove’ Festival in Bray. In addition to the Main Stage, Whelan’s also had their own stage which featured a cracking lineup!

We were asked along to capture the magic and shoot a promo video for future, eh, promotion.

It was nothing short of awesome. We’re already looking forward to next year’s gig, with a lineup like that it’d be hard to pass it up!

More Than Conquerors  ///Zebra///  {Whelans Live}

More Than Conquerors
{Whelans Live}

This is an excerpt from a recent ///Zebra/// gig at Whelans Live in Dublin. The Belfast band ‘More Than Conquerors’ played a really electrifying set, and here’s some of their track ‘Bear Knuckle Fight’ to prove it.

///Zebra/// happens every Thursday at Whelans and is sponsored by the Heineken Live Project.

For more check out their Facebook page:
or Whelan’s own site: