Corporate Web VideosLe MagIT & IBM

Corporate Web Videos
Le MagIT & IBM

Series of Corporate Web Videos for Le MagIT and IBM MaaS360

Le MagIT IBM Corporate Video Shoot

Le MagIT IBM Corporate Video Shoot

We recently completed a series of corporate web videos for French technology magazine Le MagIT in partnership with IBM.

This shoot brought us out to IBM’s Technology Campus in Dublin, somewhere none of us here at Kerbute have ever had the chance to see before, and it turned out to be a very interesting experience for us all. The IBM buildings are quite imposing from the outside, but inside are full of buzz and activity. The busy location provided an appropriate backdrop for this series of corporate web videos.

The series of videos are all in French and feature Le MagIT’s Christophe Bardy in conversation with IBM’s Adrien Chepeau about their MaaS360 product. MaaS360 is a Enterprise level Mobility Management system that provides security for mobile devices and apps.

For more information about MaaS360 see the IBM website.

If you’d like to learn more about Le MagIT please visit their website: LeMagIT

Promotional Web VideoRock Against MS Los Angeles

Promotional Web Video
Rock Against MS Los Angeles

Promotional Web Video Rock Against MS Los Angeles

We had the privilege of being invited to the rehearsals for this years annual Rock Against MS in Los Angeles thanks to the Bass legend that is Tanya O Callaghan. And us being ourselves, we couldn’t help but get stuck in and do what we could to help; and what do we do best but make videos?

The Rock Against MS is a great cause, with the LA gigs being run by the indomitable Nancy B Sayle. This is it’s third year. It annually hosts some of the biggest names in Rock Music, and this year was no exception with Billy Sheehan, Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction all signed up. The gigs are intended to raise funds and awareness for the Rock Against MS foundation.

We got to hear all the acts rehearsing and putting together their tracks for next Thursday night down at SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals), one of LA’s most famous rehearsal spaces, and rental houses. All the musicians were signing some great merchandise which will be up for grabs on Thursday. Schecter Guitars donated two beautiful axes which you will see in the promotional video. and there’s tons of drum heads, guitar picks and so on.

What an experience getting to hang out with these legends. All in all we shot 12 little video snippets calling people to come and support the cause down at the Whiskey A Go Go. And rumours have it that there may be one other huge rock star showing up on the night, but I won’t breath a word. You’ll have to see for yourself on the night (EDIT: So Taylor Hawkins turned up and sang a David Bowie tune. Aaamaaazzinnng!!) .

Tickets are available from


Clara Rose  ‘Never Let You Go’  {Silverwood Sessions}

Clara Rose
‘Never Let You Go’
{Silverwood Sessions}

The Silverwood Music Launch is upon us! And so too is our latest Silverwood Session, this time with Clara Rose – ‘songstress of rockin’ blues, saviour of rootsy folk and with a voice that can make the hairs stand on the back of your neck’.

The first track from this session is ‘Never Let You Go’, and there are three more (links following). Clara has a stunning voice and great stage presence which you will discover in this video series. If you want to see more of her, check out or some see her at the Silverwood Music Launch at the Grand Social, Dublin on the 29th May.

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Silverwood Session – Clara Rose




Sláinte  Episode #2  {Web Series}

Episode #2
{Web Series}

This is the second episode of the three part web series pilot ‘Sláinte’, from Dylan Townsend, David Laurence and our good selves here at Kerbute.

‘Sláinte’ follows the struggles of a small Dublin community trying to keep its local pub alive in the face of invading hipsterism.

The second episode features an appearance from the talented Alan Sherlock as ‘Alex’ as well as the regular cast. Full cast and crew can be found on IMDB.

See the first episode here:

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Sláinte  Episode #1  {Web Series}

Episode #1
{Web Series}

Last Sunday saw the release of the first episode of ‘Sláinte’, a three part web series pilot created by Dylan Townsend and David Laurence. Lucy Jones from Kerbute Productions was DOP on the shoot, and I was Assistant Director. It was a really fun, if intense shoot. The whole three episode project was shot over two nights in the venerable Gravedigger’s pub in Glasnevin.

‘Sláinte’ follows the struggles of a small Dublin community trying to keep its local pub alive in the face of invading hipsterism.

The cast was headed up by the lovely Jenny Dixon, of recent Fair City fame, and David Laurence himself playing the part of Barry, the mainstay and patriarch of Sláinte. Full cast and crew can be found on IMDB.

The next two episodes will be released consecutively over the next two Sundays.

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WatsonACE‘Never Meant To Be’{Silverwood Sessions}

‘Never Meant To Be’
{Silverwood Sessions}

This is the fourth studio video from our session with WatsonACE at the Meadow Studios. This is another original called ‘Never Meant To Be’, an emotive and haunting piece. Some really beautiful vocals in this one.

You can find out more about the band on their Facebook, or subscribe to their Youtube for all their upcoming videos.

The session was audio engineered by Gavin Ralston and Rian Trench.

This is the first series from the upcoming ‘Silverwood Sessions’ Project, a collaboration between Gavin Ralston and Silverwood Studios, and our good selves. More on this as it develops!

Track #1: WatsonACE ‘Runaway Train’

Track #2: WatsonACE ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

Track #3: WatsonACE ‘End of a Love Affair’