Joey Ryan Trio  ‘The Fall’  {Silverwood Sessions}

Joey Ryan Trio
‘The Fall’
{Silverwood Sessions}

More top Irish music from the Silverwood Sessions. This time up we have the Joey Ryan Trio working on their lastest EP – Redefine; in the Meadow Studios once again.

For this music video session we went for a darker, more urban look to the lighting, to reflect the angsty grungy tones of the Trio’s music. The studio space is hugely versatile. and even though we’ve shot a few sessions there, there’s still so much we can do to change the space up. Here’s the first couple of exciting videos from the session and we will add more as Joey releases them.

The EP is available now on iTunes.

For more from the Joey Ryan Trio check out their Facebook page.

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Silverwood Session – Joey Ryan Trio


Clara Rose  ‘Never Let You Go’  {Silverwood Sessions}

Clara Rose
‘Never Let You Go’
{Silverwood Sessions}

The Silverwood Music Launch is upon us! And so too is our latest Silverwood Session, this time with Clara Rose – ‘songstress of rockin’ blues, saviour of rootsy folk and with a voice that can make the hairs stand on the back of your neck’.

The first track from this session is ‘Never Let You Go’, and there are three more (links following). Clara has a stunning voice and great stage presence which you will discover in this video series. If you want to see more of her, check out or some see her at the Silverwood Music Launch at the Grand Social, Dublin on the 29th May.

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Silverwood Session – Clara Rose




Green Oak Floors  {Promotional Video}

Green Oak Floors
{Promotional Video}

Here’s a promotional video we created for Chris Kacik of Green Oak Floors with Create Brand Consultants.

This was a really interesting project to work on. We had to create a video which created trust and confidence in Chris, as well as revealing his very real likability. We worked with Owen Barry and the team at Create to develop the concept and script, and importantly; the right mood. You can see the results for yourself.

We’re very proud of this video, and pleased that both Owen and Chris had us on board, and they themselves were such a joy to work with. We’re looking forward to working on more projects of this nature.

Chris’ new website is now online, you can find it here: He is certainly the man to call if you need to get bespoke flooring done. His work is nothing short of masterly.

The team at Create put together Chris’ new site and his overall branding. They really dedicate themselves to every project and work hard to discover what will work best for a branding, and I think they have done an outstanding job for Chris and Green Oak Floors. You can check out their site here: