Music Video Keith O’Connell ‘At The End Of The Day’

Sometimes, life just brings things together beautifully for you, and gives you chances you have to grab. That’s how it felt for us with this music video project for Tallaght’s Keith O’Connell.

Jenny, Keith and David on location

Courtesy of Jenny Dixon’s Instagram

Keith had sent us the song a few months back, eager to put a music video together before the summer season. We could tell it had great potential. Keith is a talented and veteran musician and performer, and he had finally decided he needed to start releasing his own work. ‘At The End Of The Day’ would be his début.

I’d be lying if I said we had the vision for the track immediately. In fact, our minds went farther afield than Keith was comfortable with, and we had to reign it in a little for him. One thing was for sure though, we all felt the vibe of this track really suited a particular actor we’ve known for many years; the stunning Jenny Dixon. And our luck was in; not only was she interested, but we were able to find time in her busy schedule to put it together. Jenny is flat out right now between a ton of projects including Fair City and spending chunks of time away in Los Angeles.

Jenny & Keith On Location

Courtesy of Jenny Dixon’s Instagram

At the end of the day (see what I did there?) this project actually came together pretty quickly. Jenny had limited availability which put the fire under us to get it done. After an actor Keith had lined up couldn’t make the schedule, we suggested David Thomas (whom we’d worked with on ‘Illusions’). We wanted someone who could really deliver emotionally and equal Jenny’s talent, and David has proven he is more than capable. And he was available on the right day!

Kudos to our pal Martin Rochford, who provided his penthouse apartment for the shoot. Martin is a talented writer/director himself and we’ve worked with him on projects in the past, so he was well aware of the disruption a music video shoot can cause in one’s home. It provided the perfect backdrop to this gorgeous couple and their story.

Music Video Cast & Crew

Courtesy of Jenny Dixon’s Instagram

And the weather? And the light? How hard is it to get exactly the kind of conditions you want for a video shoot in Ireland? Really hard. Nearly impossible. But luck continued for us as everything came together perfectly. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean.

Music Video Keith O'Connell 'At The End Of The Day'

Jenny Dixon and Dave Thomas working out their motivation

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Music Video Keith O'Connell 'At The End Of The Day'

Music Video Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes Keith O'Connell 'At The End OF The Day'

Behind The Scenes Keith O’Connell ‘At The End OF The Day’


Dave and Jenny Behind The Scenes

Courtesy of Jenny Dixon’s Instagram