Watson ACE  ‘Never Take The Place Of Your Man’  {Official Music Video}

Watson ACE
‘Never Take The Place Of Your Man’
{Official Music Video}

Our latest official music video is here. This time we’re back working with Watson ACE on their new track ‘Never Take The Place Of Your Man’. You might recognise the track as this is a cover of the old 80s Prince track, changed somewhat from it’s Pop origins to a folky heartfelt ballad. The track has been getting some airplay in the last few weeks and has been added to the playlist on a number of radio stations including RTE1.

The video features Colm Lynch from Watson ACE and was shot at some stunning locations around Dublin City. The track is being released just in time for the December / Christmas market and is available for download right now from Soundcloud. The track is also available on the band’s current album ‘Backbone’.

We shot the video using our Panasonic GH4, and the Freefly Movi M10 from Movi.ie. Let me tell you, GH4 slow motion and the Movi are a winning combination. It allowed us to move quickly around the Dublin City centre, and as quick as we could conceive a shot we could execute it. Additional lighting gear was supplied by Film Equipment Hire Ireland who are always there to save the day. A big shout out goes to Eoin Delaney from Directing Media who helped out on the shoot. His expertise was invaluable.

For more updates about the band check out the Watson ACE: Facebook page.

Kerbute have gone 4k!

Kerbute have gone 4k!

We’ve added the brand new (hot off the factory floor) 4k shooting gem that is the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 to the Kerbute arsenal.

Well all I can say are good things about the GH4 – it is a well put together piece of kit. The image is impeccable; the punch-in focus assist is highly improved from the older Lumix models; the ergonomic body, kept from the GH3, is just right with all the buttons on one side so you can change settings easily; the screen is better and has the touch screen capabilities we saw before. The battery has lasted for a full shoot so far and we where very surprised with it. So far I would recommend it highly. Oh, and it does super sexy 96fps slo-mo.

I hear the speedboosters are a great addition, and one we will be looking at in the near future, as well as stretching our lens array.

Now we just need to fly this baby. 4k on a Móvi anyone?

GH4 - Product Packaging

Kerbute Have Gone 4k!