Sláinte  Episode #2  {Web Series}

Episode #2
{Web Series}

This is the second episode of the three part web series pilot ‘Sláinte’, from Dylan Townsend, David Laurence and our good selves here at Kerbute.

‘Sláinte’ follows the struggles of a small Dublin community trying to keep its local pub alive in the face of invading hipsterism.

The second episode features an appearance from the talented Alan Sherlock as ‘Alex’ as well as the regular cast. Full cast and crew can be found on IMDB.

See the first episode here:

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Tanya’s Gold Blend  Episode #1  Ryan Sheridan

Tanya’s Gold Blend
Episode #1
Ryan Sheridan

Here it is folks, the long awaited first episode of Tanya’s Gold Blend! And let me tell you, the series kicks off with a smash.

Tanya lined up the amazing talent that is Ryan Sheridan with a cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Everybody Here Wants You’, a rarely covered track (and even rarer do see it done justice).

She got him together with Artur Graczyk on drums (Ryan’s Band), Joe Leech from BiPolar Empire on backing vocals, Nicky Brennan on lead (also Ryan’s Band) and herself on bass duties. What an ensemble of talent!

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“Tanya’s Gold Blend — A bi-monthly web series will feature different known and unknown Irish artists jamming together at different locations around Ireland.”

Tanya O’Callaghan:

Ryan Sheridan:

Bipolar Empire:


Impedans  2012 Conference  {Video Series}

2012 Conference
{Video Series}

Impedans are a leading technology company creating plasma measurement and diagnostic tools. They recently held a Pulsed Plasma Diagnostic Workshop in Dublin, gathering together some of the top industry leaders in their fields.

Kerbute were there to document the occasion, and we’ve created a series of videos for the company to share with their international community.

This is a good example of how video can be used to maximise the impact of a live event allowing it to reach beyond the limitations of the actual timeframe. The created video media can be used to draw further attention to a brand long after the event is over, and help to build hype for upcoming events and news.