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Behind The Vines

Music Video Behind The Vines Illusions

Behind the scenes of Behind The Vines – ‘Illusions’ music video shoot

Check out Part 2 ‘Love Forever‘. Part 3 coming soon.

When we heard the song at Kerbute HQ,  immediately we were hooked and couldn’t wait to start working on the music video for Illusions. The lads, Michael Moore and Keith Diffley are childhood friends from Ireland who have been playing in many different bands together for years. Recently they decided to join forces as electro alt/pop duo ‘Behind the Vines‘.

With the view that every idea has endless musical possibilities both artists work tirelessly to produce a track that they are proud of. ‘Illusions’ was the first track that they played for us in Kerbute and we instantly loved it.

A synth heavy, melody driven sound with smooth vocal hooks throughout. Lucky for us the lads where really open to creative ideas for their video and after listening to some more of their tracks we realised that we could do something really fun and approach the songs and videos with a new twist. 

The idea was to create a three part story that is influenced by three of their songs. The first of which is ‘Illusions’. The name and the sound of this track evoked a sense of something strange, like a kink in the universe, a loop, even maybe some time travel. 

The story begins with a girl who is played by the lovely Emma Dunlop running desperately for her life.  Emma was fantastic to work with on set and really gave it her all. At one point we actually stopped shooting as we thought she was really hurt. But nope as soon at we got to her she lifted her eyebrows and gave a huge smile. Convincing much!

Emma is inter cut with sinister foot steps and someone running after her through an abandoned warehouse (that is amazingly graffiti decorated). We are then side tracked as we see a guy in a red hoody, played by the lovely David Thomas. He is walking through the same space as Emma but after a while we start to realise that maybe they are not there at the same time. He is recreating and following the footsteps of where Emma was.

The story soon reveals the fate of poor Emma and what her attacker did, played by the wonderfully sinister Graham Earley. (Shivers)

The honestly distraught David gets to the crime scene and by this time his devastation has delved so deep that it evokes something strange and super natural inside him. This is when things start to change and the excitement starts to happen.

I wont give away the rest of the video but we can say that maybe Emma’s horrific fate might not be written in stone and of course we can’t leave you without a cliffhanger ending too.

“Illusions” was written and produced by Behind The Vines.
Track mixed by Stuart Gray at Jealoustown Studios and mastered by Fergal Davis at Fergal Davis Mastering.

We shot the music video for ‘Illusions’ at a secret location and also in studio with the Sony F5 at 180 frames per second using the beautiful Zeiss Standard Speeds. A huge thank you to Film Equipment Hire for looking after us with amazing gear. We would recommend them for all your film equipment needs! The music video was edited on Premiere Pro CC and the visual effects where done with After Effects.

Staring Emma Dunlop, David Thomas and Graham Earley


Michael and Keith from Behind the Vines are genuine and also really sound lads. They write, record and produce all of their own tunes and their sound stems from a love of 80’s synth pop, alternative rock and modern electro music.

With their debut album set for independent release at the end of the year, they are currently working hard in the studio while putting together a live show that will capture their unique sound.


This is the first part of a three part story and it has been so much fun to work with everyone on this project. Keep your eyes on these guys.

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Twitter: @BtVinesband


Behind the Vines

Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_07_23.Still001Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_06_04.Still012Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_33_18.Still022Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_07_04.Still020Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_38_11.Still025

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Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_23_02.Still006Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_26_17.Still008Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_35_00.Still009Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_06_02.Still003Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_57_10.Still011

Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_39_03.Still014Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_43_08.Still023Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_55_13.Still016Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_29_12.Still021Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_02_59_04.Still027

Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_35_13.Still013Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_56_01.Still018Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_06_08.Still002Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_01_55_23.Still017Behind the Vines - Illusions - Part 1 of 3 .00_00_21_20.Still005


Peter Doran  ‘The World is Wide’   Folk Radio UK Video Premiere

Peter Doran
‘The World is Wide’
Folk Radio UK Video Premiere

Zakk and Lucas during filming The World is Wide music video


‘The World Is Wide’ By Peter Doran

Watch the official video here.

We are delighted that today the guys at Folk Radio UK have premiered our official video The World is Wide from Peter Doran’s new album “Outlines”

Peter is a singer song writer based in Ireland and this is his 4th Album. There are some beautiful songs to discover on this new album and  it has been a lovely adventure creating this music video with Peter.

He has a magical way with words and his music leaves you feeling warm and contemplative.

”The World Is Wide dreams of adventure but never buys the ticket… beautiful imagery…the chorus opens like a flower does to early morning sun, but these aren’t friendly pop songs. They do, however, suck you in.”

Folk Radio UK’s review of the “Outlines” sums up the feeling of the album and can describe it in a more elegant way then I, you can read the full review here.

More about the making of the video here and I would recommend popping over to Peters site here and signing up to his newsletter.

“Outlines” is released digitally across all platforms on Friday October 24th.
Physical CDs are available from:






Creating Something You Want To Create…. Part I‘The World is Wide’ by Peter Doran

Creating Something You Want To Create…. Part I
‘The World is Wide’ by Peter Doran

Peter Doran - Live at The House

Peter Doran – Live at The House

Creating ‘The World is Wide’ Music Video with Peter Doran, from the new album ‘Outlines’

Back in February I went to see the musical poet himself Peter Doran do his thing on stage. It was in a little venue on the Northside of Dublin, Ireland called ‘The House’.

It was a blustery wet evening so I was a little hesitant to head out, but I knew Peter is the type of person who would have gone out in the rain for me; so I literally threw caution to the wind and I jumped on the bus.

Myself and the ‘always kind’ Therese Fallon sat at a little table with one candle in the middle and had a glass of vino as we warmed up in the cosy fairy-light lit room.

The show was as expected; magical. To my surprise Peter was going to try out some of his newest songs. These would soon be recorded and turn in to his latest album ‘Outlines’ that is to be released this week on iTunes (24th of Oct 2014).

I have been a friend and a big fan of Peter since he had us along to document the recording of his last album ‘Overhead the Stars’ in Grouse Lodge Studios.  I had not come across his music before then, but was hooked as soon as I heard his songs. Peter’s visual, clever use of words and his beautiful view of the world around him is enthralling.

As I sat in the warm room that night listening to his new songs,  he started to play the first few chords of ‘The World is Wide‘ and I am sure I fell into a deep trance.

Peter Doran - Experiencing Fame

Peter Doran – Experiencing Fame

Haunting and intriguing, his melody and words tapped into memories that I had almost forgotten, or… were they even mine?  I wasn’t sure, but I did know that I felt an enchantment falling over me. I could see the film in my mind. It is so exciting when something tug‘s at your creativity and I spoke with Peter after the set about doing the video for ‘The World is Wide‘ with him.

Little did I know that getting on that bus, on that blustery night would be the start of an 8 month magical music video adventure….


I am looking forward to the release of the music video and getting it to people’s eyes. But most of all I hope it will spread the music and ethos of the lovely Peter Doran. He is one person Ireland should be proud of.


If you are interested in hearing more about the development and making of the music video, I will be posting part two after the video goes public. Stay tuned. 🙂






Kerbute have gone 4k!

Kerbute have gone 4k!

We’ve added the brand new (hot off the factory floor) 4k shooting gem that is the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 to the Kerbute arsenal.

Well all I can say are good things about the GH4 – it is a well put together piece of kit. The image is impeccable; the punch-in focus assist is highly improved from the older Lumix models; the ergonomic body, kept from the GH3, is just right with all the buttons on one side so you can change settings easily; the screen is better and has the touch screen capabilities we saw before. The battery has lasted for a full shoot so far and we where very surprised with it. So far I would recommend it highly. Oh, and it does super sexy 96fps slo-mo.

I hear the speedboosters are a great addition, and one we will be looking at in the near future, as well as stretching our lens array.

Now we just need to fly this baby. 4k on a Móvi anyone?

GH4 - Product Packaging

Kerbute Have Gone 4k!