Creating Something You Want To Create…. Part I‘The World is Wide’ by Peter Doran

Creating Something You Want To Create…. Part I
‘The World is Wide’ by Peter Doran

Peter Doran - Live at The House

Peter Doran – Live at The House

Creating ‘The World is Wide’ Music Video with Peter Doran, from the new album ‘Outlines’

Back in February I went to see the musical poet himself Peter Doran do his thing on stage. It was in a little venue on the Northside of Dublin, Ireland called ‘The House’.

It was a blustery wet evening so I was a little hesitant to head out, but I knew Peter is the type of person who would have gone out in the rain for me; so I literally threw caution to the wind and I jumped on the bus.

Myself and the ‘always kind’ Therese Fallon sat at a little table with one candle in the middle and had a glass of vino as we warmed up in the cosy fairy-light lit room.

The show was as expected; magical. To my surprise Peter was going to try out some of his newest songs. These would soon be recorded and turn in to his latest album ‘Outlines’ that is to be released this week on iTunes (24th of Oct 2014).

I have been a friend and a big fan of Peter since he had us along to document the recording of his last album ‘Overhead the Stars’ in Grouse Lodge Studios.  I had not come across his music before then, but was hooked as soon as I heard his songs. Peter’s visual, clever use of words and his beautiful view of the world around him is enthralling.

As I sat in the warm room that night listening to his new songs,  he started to play the first few chords of ‘The World is Wide‘ and I am sure I fell into a deep trance.

Peter Doran - Experiencing Fame

Peter Doran – Experiencing Fame

Haunting and intriguing, his melody and words tapped into memories that I had almost forgotten, or… were they even mine?  I wasn’t sure, but I did know that I felt an enchantment falling over me. I could see the film in my mind. It is so exciting when something tug‘s at your creativity and I spoke with Peter after the set about doing the video for ‘The World is Wide‘ with him.

Little did I know that getting on that bus, on that blustery night would be the start of an 8 month magical music video adventure….


I am looking forward to the release of the music video and getting it to people’s eyes. But most of all I hope it will spread the music and ethos of the lovely Peter Doran. He is one person Ireland should be proud of.


If you are interested in hearing more about the development and making of the music video, I will be posting part two after the video goes public. Stay tuned. 🙂






The ups. . . and ups of Aerial Filming & CBS

The ups. . . and
ups of Aerial Filming

We’ve been very busy and lucky the last few months here at Kerbute HQ. One of our recent and on-going collaborations, this time with Aerial Filming Ireland, has borne fruit; and wow is it ever sweet!

Aerial Filming Ireland is one of Ireland’s premier drone helicopter / UAV businesses run by Steve and Susan of GoodLooking Films. We’ve been helping them out on most of their recent shoots, operating the Movi gimbal attached to the Cinestar 8 Octocopter, and helping with some of the on-site logistics. Drone flying is a tricky business we’ve learned, but it can also be a rewarding and – pardon the pun – uplifting one.

To date we’ve helped out on shoots for The National Lottery (the one where the guy goes mountain climbing to find the Guru?) and the OPW (Newgrange, Tara Hill and St. Stephen’s Green so far) as well as some other exciting shoots. We’ve flown the Canon C300, the Black Magic Pocket, and our own 4K wonder; the Panasonic GH4.

Our most recent shoot was for CBS 60 Minutes Sports who were working on a piece in Kinsale, Cork. Wow, CBS 60 minutes eh? Yeah. It was great.
Susan from Aerial Filming has written a blog piece about the whole shoot, in which she speaks about what went on for the day, and also the tribulations of drone flying. It’s well worth a read for anyone out there interested in hiring a drone for a shoot, and not sure what to expect.

CBS 60 Minutes Sports & Aerial Filming Ireland

CBS 60 Minutes Sports & Aerial Filming Ireland

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‘Stifle’  Short Film  {Teaser Trailer}

Short Film
{Teaser Trailer}

Here’s the teaser trailer for our new short ‘Stifle’.

It’s a 7 minute urban thriller, written and directed by myself, with Lucy FX Jones taking care of the Cinematography. The film stars Susan Barrett and Alan Sherlock, and wait until you see what they’ve done. Both delivered really stunning performances!!

Full details of the project, including movie poster, cast and crew info and behind the scenes photos are available at

Teaser Trailer

Sláinte  Episode #2  {Web Series}

Episode #2
{Web Series}

This is the second episode of the three part web series pilot ‘Sláinte’, from Dylan Townsend, David Laurence and our good selves here at Kerbute.

‘Sláinte’ follows the struggles of a small Dublin community trying to keep its local pub alive in the face of invading hipsterism.

The second episode features an appearance from the talented Alan Sherlock as ‘Alex’ as well as the regular cast. Full cast and crew can be found on IMDB.

See the first episode here:

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Sláinte  Episode #1  {Web Series}

Episode #1
{Web Series}

Last Sunday saw the release of the first episode of ‘Sláinte’, a three part web series pilot created by Dylan Townsend and David Laurence. Lucy Jones from Kerbute Productions was DOP on the shoot, and I was Assistant Director. It was a really fun, if intense shoot. The whole three episode project was shot over two nights in the venerable Gravedigger’s pub in Glasnevin.

‘Sláinte’ follows the struggles of a small Dublin community trying to keep its local pub alive in the face of invading hipsterism.

The cast was headed up by the lovely Jenny Dixon, of recent Fair City fame, and David Laurence himself playing the part of Barry, the mainstay and patriarch of Sláinte. Full cast and crew can be found on IMDB.

The next two episodes will be released consecutively over the next two Sundays.

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Dylan Townsend’s ‘Day’  on

Dylan Townsend’s ‘Day’

Here’s a link to a little something we’ve been working on with the multifaceted and accomplished Dylan Townsend, and it’s made it to Broadsheet!
Some Craic!

‘DAY’ an excerpt from the short film ‘SHADOWSMITHS’ – Dylan Townsend from Dylan Townsend on Vimeo.