Big September  ‘Tear It All Up’  {Music Video Teaser}

Big September
‘Tear It All Up’
{Music Video Teaser}

We’ve just put out a teaser for our upcoming music video with Big September – ‘Tear It All Up’. The single and video are out Friday. We’ve had to listen to the track a whole lot during editing and we still really like it; it’s damn catchy! The boys have been working hard over the last few months, putting in studio time, releasing a swathe of singles, playing a ton of gigs and even getting on the Late Late show. And they’ve got a big gig coming up in the Academy 2 on the 21st December.

Like the band’s Facebook Page to hear about all their updates:

TBG+S  President’s Visit  with Michael D. Higgins

President’s Visit
with Michael D. Higgins

Here is our latest video for Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (TBG+S). As part of their 30 Year Anniversary Celebrations, they were visited by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

After a guided tour of their current exhibition ‘False Memory Syndrome’, the President gave a rousing and insightful speech as is his nature. He challenged the concept of censorship and voiced his strong views of freedom of speech and expression. You can get the highlights in our video.

For more information on the visit go to the Temple Bar Gallery + Studios website:

Whelan’s Stage  Groove Festival 2013  {Promotional Video}

Whelan’s Stage
Groove Festival 2013
{Promotional Video}

This year hosted the first ever ‘Groove’ Festival in Bray. In addition to the Main Stage, Whelan’s also had their own stage which featured a cracking lineup!

We were asked along to capture the magic and shoot a promo video for future, eh, promotion.

It was nothing short of awesome. We’re already looking forward to next year’s gig, with a lineup like that it’d be hard to pass it up!

LiveMicsWorld  {Promotional Video}

{Promotional Video}

LiveMicsWorld is a new music platform for Irish bands and music artists of all kinds.

It is a free website designed to help a music act build a fanbase and tap into a community with promotion being the ultimate goal. We worked with Michael Kiernan to create this promotional video for the site to help introduce new acts to the site and the concept.

For more be sure to sign up at

Green Oak Floors  {Promotional Video}

Green Oak Floors
{Promotional Video}

Here’s a promotional video we created for Chris Kacik of Green Oak Floors with Create Brand Consultants.

This was a really interesting project to work on. We had to create a video which created trust and confidence in Chris, as well as revealing his very real likability. We worked with Owen Barry and the team at Create to develop the concept and script, and importantly; the right mood. You can see the results for yourself.

We’re very proud of this video, and pleased that both Owen and Chris had us on board, and they themselves were such a joy to work with. We’re looking forward to working on more projects of this nature.

Chris’ new website is now online, you can find it here: He is certainly the man to call if you need to get bespoke flooring done. His work is nothing short of masterly.

The team at Create put together Chris’ new site and his overall branding. They really dedicate themselves to every project and work hard to discover what will work best for a branding, and I think they have done an outstanding job for Chris and Green Oak Floors. You can check out their site here: