Tanya’s Gold Blend  Episode #1  Ryan Sheridan

Tanya’s Gold Blend
Episode #1
Ryan Sheridan

Here it is folks, the long awaited first episode of Tanya’s Gold Blend! And let me tell you, the series kicks off with a smash.

Tanya lined up the amazing talent that is Ryan Sheridan with a cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Everybody Here Wants You’, a rarely covered track (and even rarer do see it done justice).

She got him together with Artur Graczyk on drums (Ryan’s Band), Joe Leech from BiPolar Empire on backing vocals, Nicky Brennan on lead (also Ryan’s Band) and herself on bass duties. What an ensemble of talent!

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“Tanya’s Gold Blend — A bi-monthly web series will feature different known and unknown Irish artists jamming together at different locations around Ireland.”

Tanya O’Callaghan: http://www.tanyaocallaghan.com/

Ryan Sheridan: http://www.ryansheridanmusic.com/

Bipolar Empire: https://www.facebook.com/bipolarempire


Johannes Photography  {Promotional Video}

Johannes Photography
{Promotional Video}

Here’s a promotional video we created for Johannes Photography.

This shoot was a lot of fun to do. Johannes is a real professional and we’ve seen him in action on a couple of occasions. He’s got great energy and a sense of humor, not to mention he takes stunning photos too!

Many thanks to our couple Aideen and Damien, who were great sports on the day and showed great patience!

If you need a good photographer for your wedding or otherwise, be sure to check out Johannes work at johannes-photography.com but book him early, he’s a hot ticket right now.

CentralR Dublin  Harlem Shake Video  St Patrick’s Day

CentralR Dublin
Harlem Shake Video
St Patrick’s Day

The Harlem Shake meme has been kicking around for a few weeks now and the team down at the Dublin office of CentralR saw an opportunity for a combined bit of office fun and positive publicity! A pre St. Patrick’s Day ‘Harlem Shake’ Video was the result!

We had really wanted to create a Harlem Shake video ourselves and were ecstatic to be given the chance. This was a fantastically fun shoot to do! Kudos to the CentralR team, they know how to have the craic!

Dylan Townsend’s ‘Day’  on Broadsheet.ie

Dylan Townsend’s ‘Day’
on Broadsheet.ie

Here’s a link to a little something we’ve been working on with the multifaceted and accomplished Dylan Townsend, and it’s made it to Broadsheet!
Some Craic!

‘DAY’ an excerpt from the short film ‘SHADOWSMITHS’ – Dylan Townsend from Dylan Townsend on Vimeo.

The Laundry Shop  ‘Overhead’  {Official Music Video} – Behind The Scenes

The Laundry Shop
{Official Music Video} – Behind The Scenes

We’re just back from shooting The laundry Shop’s new music video for their single ‘Overhead’. Awesome fun and great band too! Check out some of our behind-the-scenes snaps.

The Laundry Shop are: Stephen Robinson on Guitar & Vocals, Tanya O’Calaghan on Bass & Vocals and drummer Geoffrey French. Their single ‘Overhead’ will be out very soon so drop on down to their website to see what’s stirring, ’cause these guys rock!

Thanks to Sara Tonin from CosmAddict for her super talented makeup skills and keeping us all trucking on set. She’s a star! And she’s got some amazing stuff going on at her Facebook page. Well worth checking out.

Check out http://thelaundryshop.net/ for more on the band, and subscribe to our blog to see the video once it’s ready to rock!

UPDATE: Check out the video here